Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the Prize Wheel?
Everything you need comes with your purchase... the Wheel, the corresponding stand, downloable
templates for customizing your prizes, complete assembly instructions and all fasteners, wrenches
and Allen Wrenches needed to assemble. The tabletop and floor models come with a tripod-style
stand. Read more about the Prize Wheel.

How long will it take me to assemble my Prize Wheel?
It typically takes 5-10 minutes to assemble the Tabletop Wheel and 10-15 minutes for the Floor Model.
The instructions included make it easy to assemble. We recommend two people assemble the
Super Prize Wheel.

How much will shipping be on my Prize Wheel?
Shipping varies depending on the "ship to" location. You will receive a shipping total before your order
is complete. Shipping on a Tabletop Prize Wheel usually costs from $15.00 to $35.00, depending on
the location where your Prize Wheel is shipped.

Can I ship using my UPS or FEDEX shipper number?
Yes. We charge a $5.00 packaging processing fee for this option. Please contact us immediately after
your order is placed if you would like to use your FEDEX or UPS shipper number.

Can you ship my Prize Wheel via Overnight service?
Due to the size of the Prize Wheel, we do not recommend shipping your Prize Wheel via Overnight or
2 Day. The expedited shipping charges can be quite expensive, often doubling the cost of your order.
Wheels ship from Atlanta, Georgia (zip code 30341).

Do you offer shipping to Canada?
Yes. However, you will need to place your order by phone. Call 1-877-475-4656 to speak to a member of
our Customer Support Team.

I need my Prize Wheel ASAP. What should I do?
Normal production time on all Prize Wheels is 2-5 days. However, we can ship your Prize Wheel the
next business day. The cost for this rush service is $20.00. We do not recommend shipping your Prize Wheel via Overnight or
2 Day, as this service can be quite expensive, often doubling the cost of your order.

How do I customize my Prize Wheel?
Each Prize Wheel includes templates for Microsoft Word and Adobe Illustrator. Simply customize
each prize selection and center panel using either of these programs, print the pages, cut them along
the outlines and place under the Wheel panels.

Does my Prize Wheel include a warranty?
The Prize Wheel is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship and we agree to
repair or replace any product that proves defective for a period of one year from date of purchase. This
warranty may be enforced only by the original retail customer and is not transferable. Alteration, repair
or attempted repair of the unit by anyone not authorized will void this warranty. Damage resulting from
shipment is not covered (claims for shipping damage must be presented to the shipper). Also, be sure
to inspect all cartons/products immediately upon receipt for visible and/or concealed damages. Claims
for missing or damaged goods must be made within 15 days after receipt of shipment or the claim will
be denied.

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